Tracey Morrison
Portrayed by Sarah Thomson
Gender Female
Occupation Nurse
Residence Scotty's house

Tracey arrived at Shortland Street hospital mid 2007 - the undercover cop sent in by Lara Wade to be at "ground zero" of the Ferndale murder scenes.

Her rusty nursing skills soon raised suspicion and it wasn't long before her police connections were outed. Unfortunately Tracey got too close to the notorious Ferndale Strangler, and she was abducted by Joey Henderson on her way home from the gym.

Joey didn't kill Tracey, but her semi-conscious and bound body was found in the rubbish skip by Wiremu. Tracey was whisked away by her police colleagues, but now she's re-surfaced at Shortland Street hospital, this time as a bona-fide nurse.

Tracey appears confident, but appearances can be deceiving. Tracey has felt insecure in her abilities as a nurse.

Fortunately good friend Kip Denton has been on-hand to boost Tracey's confidence. Their friendly banter turned flirtatious, and Kip and Tracey embarked on a casual fling.

Meanwhile, Tracy has had problems sleeping. At the end of 2008 she stabbed her stalker in her sleep.

Tracey can't help but keep in touch with her old police buddies. She's intrigued as to who might have shot Ethan Pierce and why.

She's in the right place to keep an eye on the suspicious actions of fellow nurses Maia Jeffries and Alice Piper.

Since she ended her relationship with Kip, Tracey found herself attracted to someone very unlikely - ex-crim Tai, Scotty' s brother.

She quickly learned that Tai was on home detention at Scotty and Shanti' s house, and the relationship never really progressed.

When she learned Tai was involved in a bungled robbery, she shopped him to the police. Scotty found it hard to forgive her for sending his brother back to jail.

The arrival of new Head of ED, Doctor Maxwell Avia saw her spark back into life.

She learned that Maxwell had been keeping several secrets from her, including an ex wife and child, and a gambling addiction.

When her friend Shanti died, Tracey moved in with Scotty to keep him company.