In early 2009, Scotty's brother Tai Scott (Xavier Horan) was released on parole from the local prison. Shanti, not knowing how dangerous he was, allowed him to stay at her and Scotty's home. Scotty noticed that Tai had turned a new leaf and was looking to be a better man. Much to Tai's annoyance, Scotty found Tai a job at the hospital as a cleaner. Tai formed a close relationship with Tracey Morrison. But Tai could not stop his old ways and started to steal from the patients. Tai's love for Tracey managed to help him stop this and he even started to go to reading lessons because he could not read. Scotty became very proud of his younger brother and finally accepted him. But one day, Tai found his mate Pigdog at the hospital. Tracey didn't agree with Tai being friends with Pigdog but Tai carried on meeting him. Eventually they agreed to rob a shop masked. But as they robbed it, the plan went wrong and Pigdog started to hit the shop owner repeatedly with a crowbar. Tai ran the hospital worried and ran off. The police's witness report stated the exact likeness of Tai and a betrayed Tracey handed him in to the police. Scotty was very disappointed at his brother but more so at Tracey once he found out. He went into a deep depression and would not let anybody talk to him, especially Shanti. At a dinner party, Scotty started to drink heavily to drown his sorrows and had a brief stint at alcoholism. But with Shanti's support he got through it. Much to Scotty's dismay, Shanti's mother Shobna arrived and tried to sort things out. Scotty would yell at her and carried on his dull mood. Eventually Shanti told him she was moving out and Scotty knew it was time to change. Scotty got out of the depression in mid 2009 and Tai has yet to return.