Sophie McKay
Portrayed by Kimberly Crossman
Age 18/19
Gender Female

Sophie McKay is a very pretty, popular teen, more worried about her next outfit than she is about getting an education or planning for the future.

A typical teen consumer of any new product or trend, she's a total fashion victim. She's learned to be sweet and fun and everyone's friend, rather than smart and independent and opinionated like the rest of her family.

Sophie isn't anywhere near as shallow or dim as she seems. She's largely cultivated her ditzy persona as a way of rebelling against her parent's values and expectations.

The McKay family has also moved around quite a bit, which has meant Sophie and Hunter have often been forced to support each other. Hunter is her best friend, her role model and the one person who has always been there for her.

Sophie's endearing, but vulnerable - and inclined to get herself into all manner of trouble. And more often than not, it's Hunter who has to rescue her.

Settling into Ferndale High has been relatively easy for Sophie; she has made a lot of friends, but one person she just couldn't warm to was Scarlett Valentine. In April 2007, Scarlett's frustrations with the McKay family spilled over and she attempted to run Hunter down in her Dad's SUV.

Scarlett left Ferndale shortly after, but the impact on Sophie was much greater. Dealing with the fallout and shock of Scarlett's actions led Sophie to question her own previously shallow life. Lately we have seen the emergence of a new, more socially aware Sophie McKay. She has rallied her friends around her and demonstrated her social conscience with a Blog page.

When she met her Dad's new clinic Manager Tess's son, Nate, it was instant attraction. But unfortunately, Nate was wrestling with his sexuality and after sleeping with Sophie, declared himself to be gay. Sophie took a chance dating friend and Tourette's sufferer Angus - but that romance appears to have fizzled out over the summer.

Recently Sophie has made new friends in Tuesday Warner, and TK's nephews, Tane and Wiremu. But Sophie was on the side-lines as a car race went wrong, and Wiremu struck Tane down with their own vehicle. It's yet another trauma for this spirited teen to cope with.