Mona McKay
Mona McKay
Portrayed by Judy Rankin
First appearance 2008
Gender Female

Mona McKay arrived in Ferndale in 2008 to attend the funeral of her daughter-in-law Justine Jones. However, she was unaware that Justine was in fact in hiding in Australia. She very much favoured Hunter over Sophie, which got on Sophie's nerves. Mona got along well with Hunter's then girlfriend, Morgan Braithwaite. Mona returned to Australia soon after she discovered Justine's death was in fact fake. On the 9th Feb 2010, Mona returned for Sophie's wedding to Kieran Mitchell. She gave Kieran her blessing, but was less than pleased to discover Morgan's supposed murderer, Rachel McKenna, was to be living it the same house as her, and angrily told Callum "it's her or me". Rachel moved out then returned, and so Mona went to a motel. When Rachel went over to make amends with Mona, she discovered her lying on the floor. She was admitted to Shortland Street Hospital on the 17th Feb 2010 and it was revealed she had cancer. Chris Warner performed a coloscopy on her.