This list contains all the marriages and civil unions that have occurred on Shortland Street. Note that it contains marriages that were aborted at the last minute.


Date Bride Groom Notes
1993 Alison Raynor Chris Warner The wedding was cancelled after Darryl Neilson locked Chris in a barn for the duration of the wedding.
1993 Carrie Burton Declan Kennedy Off-screen wedding that took place in Las Vegas.
1993 Leonard Dodds Gina Rossi
1994 Talita Palele Sam Aleni
1994 Marjorie Neilson Laurie Brasch
1994 Kirsty Knight Lionel Skeggins The wedding was aborted after Stuart Neilson objected to the marriage.
1995 Kirsty Knight Lionel Skeggins Second attempt at a wedding.
1995 Rachel McKenna Nick Harrison A marriage of convenience in order to benefit from student income while at university
1995 Carla Crozier Bernie Leach Offscreen wedding
1996 Tiffany Pratt Chris Warner
1997 Alison Raynor Chris Warner Off screen wedding in the States
1997 Ellen Crozier David Kearney
1998 Tiffany Pratt Johnny Marinovich
1999 Mackenzie Choate Lionel Skeggins Groom was presumed lost at sea hours after the wedding.
1999 Josie Luke Bellingham
2000 Moria Crombie Dean Cochrane
2000 Donna Heka Rangi Heremaia This wedding occurred on Shortland Street's 2000th episode.
2001 Waverley Wilson Fergus Kearney The wedding was aborted when Fergus fled as the police arrived at the church to arrest him for his involvement in an immigration scam.
2001 Angela Weaver Nick Harrison Decided not to legally marry, took advantage of the empty church after Fergus and Waverley's aborted wedding to make personal and private vows to love each other always in an unofficial ceremony
2002 Anne Greenlaw Victor Kahu
2002 Waverley Wilson Nick Harrison
2003 Toni Thompson Matt McAllister Eloped by train for an off-screen wedding
2003 Dominic Thompson Emily Bredican Delphi Greenlaw attempted to stop the wedding but was locked in a cupboard by the Groom's mother
2004 Shannon Te Ngaru Tama Hudson Married on the beach and substituted shells for their lost wedding rings.
2005 Toni Thompson Chris Warner
2006 Sarah Potts Andrew Solomon Just after the "I do's," Robyn Stokes announced Andrew Solomon was the father of her child.
2007 Tania Jeffries Mark Weston This was an off-screen wedding
2007 Sarah Potts TK Samuels Sarah deserted TK on their honeymoon to go back to work, when Craig had a heart attack and it was thought she went back for him.
2008 Shanti Kumari James "Scotty" Scott The wedding was aborted after Shanti's brother and uncle showed up and objected to the marriage. They later did marry in a ceremony in which both sides of the family attended.
2009 Morgan Braithwaite Gerald Tippett They were meant to marry on May 1 but instead eloped at their wedding rehearsal.
2010 Sophie McKay Kieran Mitchell The wedding was interrupted by Libby Jeffries, who revealed to everone present that Kieran was the real murderer of Morgan Braithwaite, not Rachel McKenna. Kieran was then arrested.

Civil UnionsEdit

2006 Maia Jeffries Jay Copeland Took place on Valentine's Day and was the first civil union on a New Zealand primetime television programme.

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