Mark Weston was a doctor at Shortland Street from 2004 to his departure in 2007.

He first appeared in Shortland Street in September 2004 in Fiji where he worked in a clinic.

Before long he began worknig at Shortland Street hospital, where he found himself attracted to Nurse Maia Jeffries, whose life he saved after his psycopathic friend Hugo Carmont tried to kill her.

Mark began dating Maia's sister and fellow nurse Tania Jeffries, but their relationship ended after he cheated on her with Claire Solomon. The pair eventually reconciled and Tania made Mark seek help for his addiction to sex and online dating. The pair married in 2007, but the marriage did not last long when it was revealed that Mark had acted as sperm donor to Maia behind Tania's back. The stress of the secret led to Mark cheating on Tania with Meg Harris at his birthday party, which in turn resulted in him being a lead suspect in the Ferndale Strangler investigations.

After it was revealed by Mark the he was the father of Maia's baby Mark left Ferndale and moved to Australia. His marriage to Tania was annulled and it was later revealed that he had remaried and had a child.