Justine Jones
Portrayed by Lucy Wigmore
Gender Female
Occupation H.O.D Surgery
Residence Jones-McKay house
Justine Jones is a fictional character on Shortland Street.

Justine Jones is the head of the Surgery department at Shortland Street Hospital. She is married to Callum McKay, and has two children with him, Hunter and Sophie.

Justine had an affair with Chris Warner, the CEO of the hospital. When Callum found out, he got very angry and left her for a few weeks. They have know reconciled.

In March, Chris's brother Guy Warner revealed Chris and Justine's affair in his new book. Justine got very angry about all the rumours that flew around.

Trivia Edit

  • Justine was originally portayed by Laurie Foell. She was the first character played by two different actors in Shortland Street (excluding child actors).