Gabrielle Jacobs is a character in Shortland Street. She is played by Virginie Le Brun.

[edit] Introduction to the street Gabrielle appeared around the start of 2009 as HOD of Surgeory after Ethan Pierces murder. She seemed different and soon the staff realized that she had Asperger syndrome. Straight away Gabrielle proved to be an excellent surgeon but seemed to lack social ability. Her social disabiltiy annoyed some of the senior nurses including Tania Jeffries. A man came to Gabrielle requesting suregory, but she could not do it seeing as they once had an affair. But eventually she went through with the surgeory and saved his life. Gabrielle had a short relationship to Kip Denton. He was not aware of her Aspergers and did not understand her absurd behaviour. He was tired from her all sex, no talk attitude and once he found out she had Aspergers, he let her go much to Gabrielles confusion.

[edit] Chris Warner Recently Gabrielle has been having feelings for fellow workmate Chris Warner, much to Libbys dismay. Gabrielle confessed her love of Chris to Libby who instantly tried to set Gabrielle up with Luke Durville. The two hit it off and had lots in common, but Gabrielle was not attracted to him and did not like his interest in death. She told Chris, Luke and Libby that she was not attracted to Luke and did not want to have sex with him, this made Luke very upset and he was about ot resign until Libby made Gabrielle apologise and Gabrielle and his unique friendship started again. At Chris and Libbys leaving party, Chris confessed his love of Gabrille to Libby over a microphone by accident. Libby decided not to travel to Venice with Chris and stayed at Chris house alone and afraid he will choose Gabrielle over her. Meanwhile Gabrielle was confident that Chris will choose her. Eventually, Chris did choose Gabrielle. Gabrielle told him to choose her or the job. He chose the job. Gabrielle insisted that Chris leave her alone or she will complain to Callum. But eventually they got together and Gabrielle is currently living at the Warner Mansion.

Gabrielle is highly skilled at Chess and likes to count prime numbers.

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