Ethan Pierce
Portrayed by Owen Black
First appearance 2007
Last appearance Dec 19 2008
(appeared as hallucination to Maia Jeffries in 2009
Cause/reason Shot dead
Gender Male
Occupation Surgeon

Ethan Pierce arrived at Shortland Street Hospital in late 2007. Clearly this man had a psychological problem as he manipulated women and often taunted them for a specific reason, a notable character as one of Ethan's subjects is Alice Piper.On December 19th 2008, Alice Piper had passed out from drinking too much alcohol, Maia stepped in to the scene and found Alice in a room sleeping. Next thing Ethan finds Maia and gave her a dirty grin, which caused Maia to shoot him 3 times in the chest. Maia finds herself in such a predicament when one of Ethan's former manipulatives [Brooke Freeman] comes in to the apartment. Maia flees the scene with the passed out Alice, later in the storyline Brooke is found trying to revive Ethan on the local beach by washing his wounds with water, but it was no use, Ethan was dead. Police find Brooke and Ethan on the beach which caused Brooke to become one of the cops' top suspects, but later in the storyline it is revealed that Maia confesses to the crime, but is released free. Brooke shuns Maia for her actions.

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