Dominic Thompson
Portrayed by Shane Cortese
Last appearance 2004
Cause/reason Died in explosion
Gender Male

Trouble arrived in the form of Dominic Thompson, Toni's brother. Dominic believed that he was also Chris' half-brother since his mother had cheated on her husband (Toni's father) with Sir Bruce Warner (Chris' father). Chris and Dominic bonded after a shaky start, but their relationship was shattered forever when Dominic learned that he wasn't Sir Bruce's son after all and kept this fact from Chris and Toni for several months. When Dominic was exposed, he persuaded Donna's stepdaughter from her first marriage, Tasha to claim that Chris had abused her and also told Donna that Chris had cheated on her with Tasha's teacher. While Tasha eventually confessed that she was lying, Donna ended the relationship.

While Dominic continued his vendetta against Chris and eventually ended up dead after taking Chris hostage, Chris and Toni had bonded while they were in Fiji together and ended up having a brief fling while they were over there. Unfortunately Chris' feud with Dominic had put an end to the affair. Toni eventually learned that she was pregnant and after they had put Dominic behind them Chris proposed. The two married in March 2005 with Toni becoming Chris' fourth wife, but sadly Toni lost the baby. After some months apart, Chris and Toni decided that they wanted to remain married.