Callum McKay

<tr> <td style="text-align: center;" colspan="2">Callum McKay </small></td> </tr><tr> <th >First appearance</th> <td >2006</td> </tr><tr> <th >Portrayed by</th> <td >Peter Mochrie</td> </tr><tr><th style="background: #DEDEE2; color: #000; font-size: 120%; text-align: center;" colspan="2">Information</th></tr><tr> <th >Gender</th> <td >Male</td> </tr><tr> <th >Occupation</th> <td >CEO</td> </tr><tr> <th >Spouse</th> <td >Justine Jones </td> </tr><tr> <th >Children</th> <td >Hunter McKay
Sophie McKay </td> </tr><tr> <th >Relatives</th> <td >Mona McKay (mother) </td> </tr>

Callum McKay is a fictional character on Shortland Street.

He works as the head of the Primary Care Clinic in Shortland Street Hospital. Earlier this year he learnt his wife, Justine had an affair with Chris Warner and they briefly separated. But they have survived worse than this in the past and they eventually reconciled and are enjoying life together with their energetic teens, Hunter and Sophie.

Callum recently went power-crazy when he was made acting CEO of the hospital.

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