• This is a list of births that have happened on the show (some have been off-screen).
Name Year Mother Father Notes
Frank, Flynn & Sarah Burton 1993 Carrie Burton Chris Warner biological father of triplets Chris Warner
Tuesday Warner 1995 Carmen Roberts Guy Warner
Rose Crozier-Kearney 1997 Ellen Crozier David Kearney
Lucas Harrison 2000 Angela Weaver Nick Harrison
Harry Thompson-Warner 2002 Toni Thompson Chris Warner
Te Ngakau Hudson 2003 Shannon Te Ngaru Tama Hudson
Tina-Anne Harrison 2004 Waverley Harrison Nick Harrison
Rangimarie Hudson 2005 Shannon Te Ngaru Tama Hudson
Jay Jeffries 2007 Maia Jeffries Mark Weston biological father Mark Weston
Kelly Piper 2008 Alice Piper

Craig Valentine or Guy Warner

Tillie Potts Sarah pots TK Samuels
Pele Cruzie Nicole Millner Vinnie Cruzie
Trinnity Warner Grace Kwan Chris Warner

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