Alice Piper
Portrayed by Toni Potter
First appearance 2005
Last appearance 2009
Gender Female
Occupation Nurse
Residence Craig's Apartment

Alice Piper is a character on Shortland Street. She is played by actress Toni Potter, and will be until at least April 2009.[1]

She works as a nurse at Shortland Street Hospital in the Emergency Department.

Alice lives with her older boyfriend, Shortland Street doctor Craig Valentine. She has recently been struggling to cope with the death of her best friend Jay, who was a victim of the Ferndale Strangler, Joey Henderson. Kip Denton, her ex-boyfriend is causing trouble for Alice as she does not know who to support: her boyfriend Craig, or Kip, who she still has feelings for. Things came to a head at the Hallowe'en party, where Craig discovered that Alice and Kip had shared a kiss while he was in Australia and Alice had also encouraged Kip to break protocol. Alice moved in with her mother for a while while things got sorted out.

As of 2008 however, Kip is happily dating Tania Jeffries, while Alice and Craig have sorted their issues and are living together.

In early March 2008 Alice was abducted by Joey Henderson (the Ferndale Strangler - in his final act) and held hostage by him in his warehouse lockup for a number of days, chained to a bed. While he came close to killing her on several occasions throughout that time, particularly as he performed a appendectomy procedure on her, she later managed to escape when Alice needed to go to the toilet and she threw the chamber pot at Joey. He pushed her to the floor and stabed Joey with sissors, giving him an arterial bleed, she eventually escaped sreaming leaving a bloody trail before being rescued by Craig, Kieran and the Police, leading Joey to commit suicide by jumping from a rooftop.


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