This article details the storylines that took place on Shortland Street in 2008.

Highlights of the YearEdit

  • Nurse Joey Henderson kills himself
  • Craig Valentine is murdered as a result of his investigation of Pharmaceutical company Scott-Spear.
  • Justine Jones fakes her death in an explosion to protect herself from Scott-Spear.

Storylines by monthEdit

Craig valentine is murdered as a result of pharmaceutical company Scott spear Justine Jones fakes her death in an explosion to protect herself from Scott spear Edit


  • Morgan Braithwaite arrives in Ferndale.
  • Joey's planned attack on Shanti is unsuccessful, so he instead attacks a woman named Heather who he saw at the I.V. at a hen's night. This attack also failed when he was interrupted and forced to flee the scene.
  • Dinesh begins to cause trouble in Shanti and Scotty's relationship.
  • The arrival of Joey's mother Kath Bennett sees the unveiling of an angry and bitter side to Joey when he goes into a violent rage at Kath, witnessed by his El Rancho flatmates Gerald and Kieran Mitchell.
  • During a night out clubbing with Morgan, Tania, Shanti and Alice Piper, Joey abducts Alice, planning for her to be his next victim.
  • Callum McKay is appointed temporary CEO of Shortland Street Hospital in Chris Warner's absence, and Libby makes it hard for him as his Personal Assistant.


  • Joey performs a successful appendicectomy on Alice, then jumps off a building, killing himself, to avoid capture.
  • Kath is admitted to the hospital after attempting to commit suicide after Joey's funeral.
  • Scotty proposes to Shanti, and she accepts. They attempt a wedding, but are interrupted by Dinesh, Shanti's brother and Shanti's uncle.
  • Tane Samuels and Wiremu Potae return to Ferndale.


  • Alice and Guy have a drunken one-night stand; Chris Warner catches Alice leaving and confronts Alice the following day.
  • Guy breaks the scandal about Chris' affair with Justine Jones.
  • Wiremu loses control of his car while racing and collided with Tane, paralysing Tane from the waist down. Wiremu, feeling guilty about paralysing Tane, drinks a full bottle of whisky and falls into a coma for several days.
  • Guy and Tuesday move back to San Francisco.
  • Alice Piper discovers she is pregnant; it is unknown if the father of the baby is Guy or Craig Valentine. Alice leaves Ferndale temporarily to stay with her mother, Fran.


  • Maia Jeffries and Morgan return to Ferndale.
  • Scotty is taken hostage by a psych patient and is stabbed, but survives the injuries.
  • Toni has a one-night stand with Dinesh, who was about to return to India permanently.
  • The Kumari family, with the exception of Sunil, accept Scotty.
  • Gerald admits his soft spot for Morgan.


  • Dr. Hone Ropata returns for the four-thousandth episode as a consultant to Martha Riley.
  • Toni dies of heart failure, a result of being infected by the norovirus and renal failure due to her remaining kidney failing.
  • Hone is granted C.E.O of Shortland Street Hospital, but rejects the offer. Callum becomes CEO.


  • Gossip of Callum and Riley's affair spreads through Shortland Street Hospital.
  • Justine forgives Callum his affair.
  • Riley leaves Shortland Street for good.
  • Kieran asks Libby to marry him, but Libby is still undecided.
  • Gerald discovers he's asexual.
  • Hone Ropata leaves Ferndale, breaking Tania's heart.
  • Hunter McKay habours feelings for Morgan.
  • Brooke Freeman arrives at Shortland Street.
  • Scotty & Shanti marry in a four day wedding
  • Tracey Morrison, ex-cop and survivour of serial killer Joey, returns to Shortland Street Hospital as an ED nurse.


  • Sophie McKay has a one-night stand with Tane.
  • Craig is headhunted by Scott Spear Pharmaceuticals to join their research and development team.


  • Craig is chased by thugs hired by Scott Spear Pharmaceuticals through a forest, then beaten unconscious and set alight in his car.
  • Alice returns from staying with her mother. She goes into premature labour and gave birth to a baby girl who she names, with the help of TK Samuels and Kip Denton, Kelly.
  • Justine decides to fake her death after discovering a bomb attached to a mobile phone in her car boot. She disarms the bomb and swaps the SIM card with her own then blows up the car herself from a safe distance. The family are informed by Detective Robyn Gardner that Justine is dead but a call from someone asks them to go to a secret address where they discover her alive. Justine asks that she be declared dead and given a new identity then moves to Australia.
  • Kieran overhears Donald (a Scott Spears thug) talking to one of the Whitetails about his attempt to murder Justine. Kieran tells Chris what he overheard.
  • Alice discovers her mother Fran hasn't been taking her pills for 3 months and Fran has a mental breakdown.
  • Chris goes to visit Donald (a Scott Spears thug) asking for a car repair and finds out about notorious hitman Don Lennox.
  • Kingi breaks up with Tania for good.

A Whitetails gang member shoots Morgan and Ethan Piercein a theater room.


  • Luke Durville returns.
  • Tracey and Kip form a "casual" relationship.
  • Ethan Pierce becomes H.O.D of Surgery
  • Kelly Piper dies due to renal failure. Alice doesn't attend the funeral and instead goes out drinking with Ethan.


  • Yvonne Jeffries and Frazer start an affair.
  • Maia gets a sexual harassment warning from Callum for supposedly favouring young attractive women.
  • Libby says yes to Kieran's marriage proposal.
  • Scotty and Shanti move into a run down house that was the scene of a murder/suicide.
  • Kingi hits Tania.


  • The Shortland Street pharmacy is robbed.
  • Kingi reveals to Tania he is a police informant.
  • Sarah Potts falls pregnant and her multiple sclerosis starts to play up again.
  • Yvonne is diagnosed with bone cancer after ending her affair with Frasier after she got a H.I.V shock.
  • Maia strangles Ethan and is suspended.
  • Ethan murders Betty Crawford, an elderly patient dumped at Christmas at the hospital, for her bones.
  • Yvonne takes Fraser back after a period where she didn't want to see him.
  • Tania and Kingi are kidnapped by Kane and the Whitetails in the final.
  • Ethan is shot repeatedly by an unseen assassin.


New CharactersEdit

  • Nurse Morgan Braithwaite - theatre nurse and friend of Joey Henderson[2]
  • Dr Dinesh Jivani - Shanti's betrothed fianće[3]
  • Dr Brooke Freeman - New PCC Nurse replacing either Callum or Toni
  • Kingi Te Wake - 'Whitetails' gang member
  • Dr Ethan Pierce - New surgeon
  • Mona McKay - Callum's mother
  • Xavier Moyo - Zimbabwean surgeon learning new skills from Dr. Chris Warner.
  • Don Lennox - Hit man for Scott Spear, killed Craig and tried to Kill Justine. Now hired to kill Ethan by Kieran.
  • Fraser Mackenzie - A lawyer and love interest for Yvonne.
  • Tupac Evans - Was a whitetails member and was being trained by Kingi, saved Kingi and Tania from being buried alive. Tupac returned mid 2009 as a recurring character.


  • Nurse Joey Henderson - committed suicide by jumping off a building
  • Detective Lara Wade - decided to study psychology after being criticised for not identifying the Ferndale Strangler sooner
  • Guy Warner - returned to America
  • Tuesday Warner - returned to America
  • Dr Dinesh Jivani - returned to India
  • Nurse Toni Warner - died of heart failure brought about by faulty Scott Spear drugs
  • Craig Valentine - burnt alive by Scott Spear thugs
  • Dr Justine Jones - hiding in Australia after faking her own death because of Scoot Spear persecution
  • Dr. Ethan Pierce - murdered in the last episode of the year by a mystery assailant

Returned CharactersEdit

  • Maia Jeffries (after six-month hiatus)
  • Dr. Hone Ropata
  • Tracey Morrison
  • Scarlett Valentine
  • Anthony Richards
  • Luke Durville (after brief hiatus)

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